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Buying a Beachfront North Cyprus Villa in Kyrenia?

north cyprus kyrenia properties Northern Cyprus Kyrenia, known as the Riviera of North Cyprus, is booming with tourists and property seekers alike. Anyone who has visited Kyrenia, North Cyprus would not be surprised of the demand for Kyrenia properties for sale.

Kyrenia is centrally located in Northern Cyprus, and is famous for its quaint Old Kyrenia harbour both visitors and locals sit in one of the many outdoor restaurants on the Kyrenia harbour, while enjoying the old ships in the harbour, a tour of the Kyrenia Castle and historic Ship Museum.

Buying a Property in Northern Cyprus Kyrenia

The Kyrenia area is popular for North Cyprus property seekers due to its central location. Kyrenia properties are highly popular and those being sold within an hour of the beautiful harbour town are considered very strong investments due to the current boom in economy and tourism in Northern Cyprus. Where Kyrenia properties tend to be more expensive, one can still find a property for sale in Northern Cyprus Kyrenia, like a penthouse apartment, in the bustling town full with cafes and shops.

East of North Cyprus Kyrenia

East of Kyrenia properties, through North Cyprus Esentepe, Tatlisu and towards the Karpaz in Northern Cyprus one will find beautiful unspoilt beaches, sprawling olive groves, and stunning sea and mountain vistas. It’s no wonder this is the most popular area for North Cyprus property development, spreading from the influx in Kyrenia property development. When the new road along the east coast was only a year ago, North Cyprus property developers and those with a vision and appreciation for one of the most beautiful coastlines of the North Cyprus Island, began designing stunning beachfront properties to sell in TRNC.

West of Northern Cyprus Kyrenia

West of North Cyprus Kyrenia one will find the lovely villages of Zeytinlik, Alsancak and Lapta, all with mountain and sea front Northern Cyprus properties for sale. In these areas, one can enjoy the famous beaches and restaurants of the North Cyprus, such as Escape Beach and Restaurant Club, or drive only 15 minutes on the main road to Kyrenia center

For Evergreen's properties located in Kyrenia check the North Cyprus Map.

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